Who We Are

The NC Behavioral Health Navigator team is a growing program funded through the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) with a goal to bring children, youth and families together to address the behavioral health crisis in children and youth.

Carelon Behavioral Health is honored to have been chosen to manage this program in North Central Washington. Carelon provides behavioral health solutions to large regional and specialty health plans, employers, and labor organizations of all sizes, as well as federal, state, and local governments. Carelon delivers care to 61.5 million individuals across all 50 states.

Background: The Youth Navigator Program in North Central Washington is modeled after Kids Mental Health Pierce County (KMHPC) https://kidsmentalhealthpiercecounty.org/. KMHPC came about to address the growing behavioral health crisis among school age children and youth. This program will be gradually rolled out across all regions in the state. Carelon is proud to be one of the first to work with KMHPC to expand the program and is looking forward to serving our local communities.

Mission, values, and vision

  • Our Mission: The Youth Navigator program is a behavioral health care model in which we set up MDT’s (multidisciplinary team meetings) to connect our youth and families to the care and resources they need.
  • Our Values: We are committed to partnering with the community of North Central WA to navigate the behavioral health needs of our youth and families by establishing trust, building relationships, inspiring hope, and walking alongside youth and families during the process.
  • Our Vision: Children, youth, and families are the center and priority of our work. Our vision is to collaborate with community stakeholders to bring them together with the intent to wrap around the youth and family to ensure they receive the care, support, and services needed to address their complex behavioral health concerns. Our long-term vision is to foster community relationships that will partner with us to reduce the occurrences of emergency room and inpatient hospitalizations due to complex behavioral health concerns.

Meet Our Team

Krisana Shrable

Project Manager

Krisana Shrable is the Project Manager for North Central Washington’s Youth Navigator Program at Carelon Behavioral Health.  Krisana has over 15 years of experience working in a variety of settings serving youth, and families through counseling, crisis services, public child welfare, juvenile justice programs and therapeutic courts.  As the Therapeutic Court Coordinator for Okanogan County, Krisana developed and supervised Family Therapeutic Court.  She understands the importance of approaching youth, and families, by taking a holistic approach using Multidisciplinary Teams.  Krisana has a Master of Science in Human Services/Counseling Studies and recently obtained the required hours to work towards licensure as a Substance Use Disorder Professional.

Krisana values the importance of youth and family “voice” and cross collaboration with community partners to provide access to critical, competent, quality services based on the identified needs of youth and their families.  “It’s about meeting families where they are, providing support, addressing barriers, and making connections with them.”  Krisana also understands the challenges faced by youth and families living in rural communities and sees how people come together when faced with challenges.

Krisana is looking forward to developing and building relationships with community partners across Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas, Grants counties and Tribes, through Carelon Behavioral Health’s Youth Navigator Program.  Krisana strives to build connections through active engagement, trust, respect, and mutual collaboration, with the goal of supporting long-term sustainable change for youth and families within their communities.

Kristi O’Neill

North Central WA Outreach Care Specialist

Kristi O’Neill is a Youth Outreach Care Specialist Lead at Carelon Behavioral Health. Kristi believes in a purpose for all young people. She is known for her ability to transfer that belief into young people and to find and create the opportunities they need through mentorship and unconditional support. She has dedicated her career to helping young people find their voice, pursue their education, prepare for future careers and grow into community leaders.

Kristi brings an enthusiasm to all that she does and has a passion for positive student outcomes. She combines this passion with the ability to create meaningful relationships and communicate genuinely with youth and families. Kristi takes great pride in the service and support she provides, and she passionately advocates for resources within rural communities at every opportunity.

Coral Rodriguez

North Central WA Outreach Care Specialist

Coral Rodriguez is a Youth Outreach Care Specialist Lead at Carelon Behavioral Health. She is a bilingual, bicultural, first generation Mexican American woman with clinical healthcare experience as a certified medical assistant and first hand experience navigating the system as a single mom. She understands the barriers that stand in the way of the LATINX community when seeking behavioral health and knows the difference it can make to have someone standing in your corner who understands what you are going through.
Coral is passionate, empathetic and eager to help families break the stigma around behavioral health in the Hispanic community while still respecting traditions. She looks forward to being a strong youth advocate and is proud to help families through this process with the hope that her own experiences can make their journey a little easier.